Pallini Peachcello 375ml

Pallini Peachcello 375ml

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Pallini Peachcello is an Italian fruit liqueur made from Italy's finest white peaches. White peaches grow mainly in the first part of summer and reach their maximum ripeness in July. These peaches were the favorite of Virgilio Pallini Sr. In order to enjoy these luscious fruits all year long, Mrs. Pallini would preserve some of the peaches in alcohol. She used what was left from this summer infusion as a base for a liqueur with the addition of some peach juice. Pallini Peachcello is inspired from past tradition with a modern eye for a more intense and mixable product. Luscious white peaches from Italy's flourishing orchards are picked at their peak of flavor to create an exquisite liqueur with a heady bouquet.
Category Liqueur
Region Italy
Brand Pallini
Alcohol/vol 26%