Ketel One Botanical Grapefruit & Rose Vodka


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Ketel One Botanical Grapefruit & Rose is fit for those who seek zesty mouthwatering grapefruit and the elegance of refined rose petals. Each botanical essence is individually and naturally obtained through innovative extraction methods and distillation processes for the freshest, cleanest, most crisp taste possible. ENJOY 40% FEWER CALORIES THAN A GLASS OF WHITE WINE KETEL ONE BOTANICAL & SODA

Featuring Grapefruit & Rose - 1.5oz Ketel One Botanical Grapefruit & Rose, 3oz Soda Water Serve in a wine glass with ice and your choice of fragrant herbs, crisp citrus or other fresh fruit.

Category Flavored Vodka
Country Netherlands
Brand Ketel One
Alcohol/vol 30%