Sipstirs Wine Club

Stock amazing wines on your shelf each month, with no hassle and no long-term commitment

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Upon joining the Sipstirs Wine Club, you receive:

- Personally-curated selections (we taste and approve everywine)

- All wine-club wines at a 15% discount

- New set of wines* every month

- Convenience & professional service (wines delivered to your door)

- A club you can trust (we are the longest independent running wine club in CT)

Great Gift Idea

Join the Sipstirs community today and see for yourself what your neighbors have been sipping on!

There are multiple memberships and the opportunity to receive up to all 8 monthly wines.

*Exact number of wines depends on level of membership

The Club:

$60/month for three bottles of wine.

Your choice: all reds, all whites, or medley.

The Next Level:

$100/month for two bottles of wine.

Typically, red wines.

Or … Experience Them All Custom Box, Just Inquire 

*You can pay $100 to enter the club and receive the monthly discounts without commitment.

Free local delivery within the county. Shipping standard rates apply

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