"Sip For A Cause"

Sipstirs is all about community and taking care of one another, lending a helping hand when needed. To do so we need to ask for help from our community of wine lovers. This is our first, in a series for, "Sip For A Cause" initiative to give back to our community. 

We invite you to participate:

Sip For A Cause Series - Sip for a Towel

Person to Person Campership Program, We are helping to raise and collect "490+" new towels by April 27th! 

Ways our Sipstirs Community can help

Donate Towels – Donate Fu...

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Natural Wine Information

The Only Vocab You’ll Ever Need
Ask about natural wines on a wine list and you may be fumbling for Google Translate to figure out what they're saying. Here are the four words you actually need to know to understand what you're about to drink. 
1. Pét-nat
This carefree technique has become a genre in its own right. Technically speaking, pét-nat is made when a wine is bottled before the fermenting is done, so it takes on a spirited fizz as it finishes up. It can be made with just about any grape, can...

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